Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

The Kitchen Garden Program for Secondary Years has been developed through a collaborative approach with secondary educators and industry experts. This Program promotes a curriculum-integrated kitchen garden program model tailored to the needs of secondary schools.

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The Kitchen Garden Program for Secondary Years offers educators a comprehensive package of professional development, educational resources and support, including:

  • the 10 program fundamentals for delivering a best-practice Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program 

  • the Shared Table, an active online community of schools and services and an extensive library of teaching resources, activities aligned to the curriculum, recipes, information sheets, videos and templates

  • our friendly, experienced Support Team, who are available to offer guidance and advice on all aspects of your kitchen garden program

  • professional development sessions to assist with your program implementation and delivery

  • Trellis, our online support tool, developed to guide you through your kitchen garden journey, ensuring your program flourishes.

"I have learnt so much from this experience and I really think it should be in all secondary schools. These are vital skills we all need to learn." – Year 9 student

Benefits for students

We encourage all Australian secondary schools to implement the Kitchen Garden Program for Secondary Years and integrate it with their curriculum. Schools can use the program to achieve an array of health, wellbeing, learning and community engagement objectives, equipping students for post-school success.

Some of the main benefits that a kitchen garden program provides for students are listed here.

  • Positive food behaviours: Students learn how to grow, cook, eat and share fresh, delicious, nutritious food, developing important life skills to take with them as they leave school as young adults. 

  • Physical activity: Students benefit from spending time outdoors with nature, and are hands-on and physically active in kitchen and garden spaces.

  • Learning outcomes: Teaching and learning, linked to the curriculum, is reinforced with real-life contexts and meaningful experiences, empowering students to achieve academic success.

  • Student wellbeing: Kitchen and garden classes are enjoyable, interactive, inclusive experiences that promote equality. Students play to their strengths, build resilience, flex their creativity, work collectively, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults, building a sense of connectedness. 

  • Community engagement: A kitchen garden program both calls on and creates community, providing a rich and meaningful opportunity for engagement.

  • Personal and social development: The program provides a context for students to develop and enhance positive
    self-esteem, leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, confidence, problem-solving skills, cultural awareness and understanding, and a shared responsibility for environmental and sustainability practices. 

  • Student voice: The program provides an authentic platform that encourages and applies student voice, empowerment and responsibility.

  • Student engagement and re-engagement: Students can often be more engaged when learning through hands-on, sensory experiences. Students love the program and its impact on their enjoyment of school.

  • Work pathways and employability skills: Hands-on experiences within the various aspects of a kitchen garden program provide myriad vocational opportunities and pathways beyond secondary school.

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Kitchen Garden Program Member Inclusions
  • 24-month Program membership
  • Shared Table access
  • Trellis – online support tool
  • Discounts on professional development
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  • 2 x professional development places (face-to-face or webinar)
  • Resource package including:
    • Getting Started: A Guide to Establishing a Kitchen Garden Program
    • Kitchen Garden Program Seasonal Planner

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