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This membership level is for schools and services who want to access resources, professional development and the community. Includes use of the Kitchen Garden Classroom logo, access to the Shared Table, free support and advice, and discounts on printed resources and professional development.

Kitchen Garden Program Kitchen Garden Program

This membership level is for schools and services who are committed to running a full Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Includes use of the Kitchen Garden Program logo, Classroom membership benefits, plus targeted support via our Trellis online support tool to help you build a successful program at your own pace.

Program Leaders

Program Leader schools and services are Kitchen Garden Program members who have successfully implemented all 10 program fundamentals – great schools and services to visit or get advice from!

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Feeding minds, bodies and futures

Children and young people around the country are getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal, delicious food.

The Kitchen Garden Program flourishes in all types of communities, climates and settings. Each school and early childhood service brings the wide-ranging benefits of pleasurable food education to its students, families and the wider community. A kitchen garden program plants the seeds for a lifetime of positive eating habits and enjoyment of food.

We want to bring good food into the curriculum and culture of every school and early childhood service; to feed the minds, bodies and futures of all Australian children and young people. We invite you to find out more and become a member.